Different Generations

by Beau Borek

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the entirely self-recorded debut EP is an earnest, photographic exploration of interpersonal relationships

independently recorded and released


released June 13, 2017

special thanks to Asher Toback and Caitlin Degnon for years of inspiration, encouragement, and partnership--this wouldn't have happened without you two


all rights reserved



Beau Borek Durham, North Carolina

artwork by caitlin degnon

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Track Name: New Year's Day
I always knew you to be somewhat of a clown
I always knew you to talk a little too loud
I always knew you to call while everyone's asleep
And talk too loud in through the machine--all about how you're the black sheep

I guess I'm confused about how I should think about you
About where you were all of this time, about how you and I spent our lives

How can I call you mine?
I might
Track Name: Lloyd pt. 1
The first I knew about you, you were already gone
Up on the walls of her room hung evidence of you--everything I knew about you:
A photograph of a fishing trip, a blown-up panel from a comic strip, the rosary that swayed gently when she drove your Galaxie

I've seen your face so many times before it's like I know your sounds, the way your hands moved about
From what I hear, we are quite alike but how could I know, never seeing why
How strange it is that I miss you at all
Track Name: Carpinteria, Ca
My first time at your house, we stayed inside and laughed at every mistake she made
Your mom's hands were split and raw but they were so clean
We left so late

No, it didn't bother us--we laughed it off because it wasn't the first time
Track Name: Lloyd pt. 2
I try not to be so naive as to be
Mad at you for leaving, but how else can I rest my mind
In the wake of what you left behind?
Can there be something I don't see, lost behind your eyes?
Stuck within the family, gone with passing time
Track Name: Sourpuss
Nothing quite explains what I felt on your last day
When I taught you it was in vain--I tried
But I know there was nothing more I could do to be the one to help you
To be someone you remember as good to you--that's fine
Track Name: Goals
I do love you, I do, I do, I do
But I'm out for now, I'm gone--just for a little while

Can you and I try, for the very first time, to not have a goal in mind?
Can you and I try and spend some time to see where we lie?
Can you and I try, for the very first time, to not have a goal in mind?
Can you and I try and spend some time to see what we are like?

Why not, why not try?
Track Name: Two Boats in a Body of Water is a Race
No one can be free from the subtleties
No not even you

How should I feel when
You say it's not okay, when you allude
That it could be a mistake? Go slow, don't be too rash
Track Name: Your Hardest
Oh, won't you, my sweet, take all you need
To make your eyes shine the same way you make mine

Oh, honey, oh don't you fret or hold onto regret
You are dear to so many hearts, and mine

Just try your hardest

Oh, my love, be patient please with yourself like you are to me
I will be here for everything from now 'til I recede into the ground beneath our feet

Until death falls down on me
Track Name: Lloyd pt. 3
Along the foggy northern coast of the Monterey Bay
We walked the crooked concrete path they took every Saturday after you passed away
The family I have grown to know put your initials in black upon a stone
And I realized I was alone
I want to have known everything but all I have is L.H.D.
Track Name: Different Generations
I've never said it out loud
I'm just trying to figure out how to keep it all
Without sacrificing my needs, again, for those who really need me

I'd like to get creative
With how we're gonna play it, and everything
'Cus I deserve to feel excited and I don't want to have to fight it
All that's on my heart

I cannot be here for you although I've wanted to
It would not be fair to me if I held back the truth
You and I can smile now since we raised our two
But for now my love both you and I must make anew

How it all now comes to light...

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